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Providing premier transportation throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley

Regular Rates

$ 10.00                                Food Order Delivery to Your Door!!

$ 10.00                                                                  Within Albany

$  5.00                                       Per Additional Stop on the way

$20.00                                                                      Millersburg

$20.00                                                                           Tangent

$25.00                                                                          Jefferson

$40.00          _                                                          To Lebanon

$40.00                                                                      To Corvallis

Peak Rates

$25.00                                                                       Millersburg

$25.00                                                                            Tangent

$30.00                                                                          Jefferson

$50.00          ___                                   To Corvallis or Lebanon

There will be a $1 fee to process credit card purchases.

Rates are one way. Out of town runs are prepaid upon pick-up. Peak rates apply Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00 PM until approximately 4:00 AM, depending on level of business in addition to other high volume periods and may be applicable based on unpredictable circumstances, including poor weather and road conditions. All rates are subject to change without notice. Driver carries less than $30 cash. Not responsible for lost or damaged items left in any vehicle.

Pick-up is available in Albany, Brownsville, Crabtree, Lacomb, Lebanon, Jefferson, Lebanon, Millersburg, Scio, Sweet Home, and Tangent. Rates are applicable outside of the Albany area to approximately the middle of listed cities. Delivery is available to other cities where licensed cab services are available. Please call or text for area-specific rates.

Rate Boundary Map

The yucky stuff

$150.00 Soiling Fee (We provide Sick Bags. Please use them if you need them. It will probably save you some money!)